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Rachael White

In late 1987 I joined a trade magazine on containerisation as a junior reporter. It was sheer accident with intent to do something in the “real world” after 3 years getting my degree for a break from the Ivory Tower before returning to study for a PhD. The position at Container Management magazine was my entry to the amazing world of maritime trade. 

I’ve been blessed in the last 30 years to travel the world with great teams and clients, hosting hundreds of industry meetings, interviewing and connecting many thousands of passionate people at all corporate levels who make world trade, maritime, supply chains, cold chains, shipping and logistics tick. Along the way I’ve run 2 trade associations, edited 5 trade journals and lost counts of the events I have been involved in as conference producer, moderator, emcee and organiser.

Post-harvest and cold chain became a particular personal passion in the early 1990s after I heard a professor from UC Davis talking  about ‘produce as people – breathing, sweating, aging, give them a break.’. 

Along with my great team at Cool Logistics and sister company Next Level Information we shine a light on current and emerging industry trends and help people do business together.

At Cool Logistics, we bring experts from all segments of the cold chain together to explore key developments in global reefer trades & perishables supply chains from first to the last mile.  


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