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Launched in 2019 in Valencia, this award is open to anyone involved in perishable logistics. We welcome entries from individuals, teams and or organisations, who have made a difference in the way perishable products are shipped or handled. 

dFarm - 2020 Winner

dFarm Inc. was awarded first place at the 2nd Cool Logistics ‘Innovation in Perishable Logistics Award’ ceremony. This award celebrates innovation and ingenuity from companies or individuals making a difference to cold supply chain operations, perishables logistics and refrigerated transport.

The award was announced at the end of the first day of the 12th Cool Logistics Global conference, taking place this year in a virtual setting.

dFarm Inc.’s agriculture SCM system uses blockchain, IoT and big data to improve transparency and trust along the fresh produce supply chain. It was selected by a panel of judges who remarked that the innovation was a real step forward in achieving collaboration, transparency and visibility in the end-to-end agricultural chain.

dFarm Inc.’s Founder & CEO, Venkatesh Babu Vadlamudi, accepted the Award stating that the first phase of dFarm Inc.’s project was to sell the produce before it’s even harvested via information exchange available directly from the farmer on daily harvesting dates and stock availability, Many systems record information from the packhouse to retailer, though this level of data wasn’t readily available.

The winners were chosen from a seven-strong shortlist by the judging panel of Steve Cameron, Principal Consultant of Cameron Maritime Resources,  Alfred Cheung, Founder of JC Food Republic, Andy Connell, Director of A-bar-C Services, Ruben Huber, Founder & Director of OceanX and Rachael White, Director, Cool Logistics Resources Ltd.

Hemdahl - 2020 Highly Commended

Hemdhal uses existing telematics data combined with Hemdahl analysis to provide the industry’s first systematic method for determining the effect of temperature excursions on perishable products. Hemdahl analyses temperature data logged during transit to determine correct operation of TRU, chilling injury, freezing injury, pathogen growth, remaining shelf life, overall product risk – in a systematic manner using the latest scientific knowledge rather than subjective guesswork.

Determining the effect of temperature excursions on product quality and safety., provides a systematic, repeatable method of analyzing temperature data. Allows shippers to make better decisions and improve operations in the cold chain.

Omnia Management - Winner 2019

Clive Lawrance, Omnia Management, was announced as the winner of the 1st Cool Logistics ‘Innovation in Perishable Logistics’ Award at the 11th Cool Logistics Global Conference in Valencia. 

The winner of the award was selected by an international panel of stakeholders, with an interest in furthering perishable supply chain excellence. Omnia Management was recognized for its contribution in adding value to the cold supply chain. Honest Branch was highly commended for its contribution to the cold supply chain. “Connecting every farmer across Africa with buyers in Europe is a massive undertaking.

“Winning this award delivers a huge boost to our company and its profile, as well as instantly providing new, invaluable connections across the industry. Additionally, it illustrates the understanding Cool Logistics has of the positive impact on the lives of people across Africa our platform will have.” said N Russell Tomlin, MD at Honest Branch.


Honest Branch developed a mobile-friendly platform that allows European buyers of tropical fruit to source their supplies in a single place.  Working with local cooperative farmers across the entire logistical process from sourcing fruit to assisting with exports, Honest Branch’s initiative allows African farmers to access European fresh produce markets with their surplus produce, helping to boost African fresh produce exports.

Honest Branch - Highly Commended 2019

Honest Branch is a B2B marketplace. We connect excess supply of tropical produce in Emerging markets with European buyers, with a focus on Africa and Asia

Developed a platform that allows European buyers of tropical fruits to source all of their tropical produce in one single marketplace. The platform is mobile friendly and buyers can source supply from the palm of their hand. Honest Branch work with local cooperative farmers to source, sort, process and certify produce for export and organise freight transport and facilitate payment on behalf of both buyers and suppliers, all done in real-time.

Beta version was developed in 2018, and rolled out in Q1 2019 to a select group of buyers. We intend to open our closed Beta to a wider market of pan-European buyers in 2020.

We are seeing several partners mainly in the UK and Holland requesting us to source increasing quantities levels of supply, particularly for dried fruit.

Our goal is roll out our platform to connect as many as farmers in the developing world to generate crucial income by supplying export grade produce to the European market.

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