The Next Movers and Makers Event - Cold Chain Series, June 24, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: What have we learned and what are the next steps?

Why is this Global Summit Needed

We have created a forum where like-minded decision makers and experts from corporate, non-corporate, NGO and Government arenas come together to share, learn and come up with better solutions to tackle the Global Vaccine distribution challenges.

In collaboration with

The Next Movers and Makers Event is coming soon

24 June, 2021

Some of the invited speakers

A global network of refrigerated logistics, transport and technology professionals. We will have some of the best speakers from the most important global organisations focusing on the issue of Global Vaccine Distribution. 

It is estimated that there will be the need 15 million deliveries in cooling boxes, 200,000 movements by pallet shippers and 15,000 flights. So, coordination of the first, middle and last mile is a must. 

Ocean freight, air freight and land transportation will play a crucial role.

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Global Vaccine Summit 24 June, 2021

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