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Each month the Cool Logistics community meets in the form of a collaborative workshop. We discuss the most relevant topics of the month and discuss and debate solutions for dilemmas and quandaries faced by the cold chain industry. 

The first workshop starts on the 26 of March 2021.

Due to the online nature of the workshop, places are limited so don’t forget that you can pre-register now to avoid disappointment.

Six things that happen when you meet me

Building strength

Being in the company of others who have similar personalities or with whom we share common interests gives us a sense of belonging and self-worth.

Learning on the go

Keeping the mind sharp is essential for our cognitive health, more so as we age.

Fixing the mindset

Being around others and socialising helps us keep a positive outlook on life.

Improve your lungs

Mental health and physical health are in fact, interconnected. When we are around people we love, doing things we enjoy, health-promoting hormones are released which – among many other benefits – boost the immune system.

Flexible manuvers

Communicating and socialising give you something to look forward to, meeting others gives you a sense of purpose, which is a fundamental component to leading a fulfilling life.

Great heart pace

Humans have a desire to belong, socialising helps create lasting bonds and cultivates new friendships.

Turns out the Cool Logistics Global is good for you!

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