Thermo King's BlueBox Lite enhances refrigeration unit connectivity, offering real-time data access and improved cold chain efficiency

Thermo King enhances refrigeration connectivity

Thermo King has unveiled its innovative BlueBox Lite telematics device. This new edition promises to boost the connectivity of vehicle-powered refrigeration units.

The advent of the BlueBox Lite provides a more economical solution for customers to procure not only temperature and positional data, but also key information from the control system of the vehicle-powered refrigeration units.

Such information may encompass setpoints, alarms, or operational hours. The device is equipped with 4G connectivity, enabling easy access to data through the Thermo King TracKing™ web portal, TK Reefer, or integration with a third-party platform or back-end system.

Key features of Thermo King’s BlueBox

Thermo King’s BlueBox Lite boasts several noteworthy features:

  • Access to near real-time data is made possible by a five-minute logging interval, which aids in improving response times.
  • It is a plug-and-play solution, thus reducing installation time and eliminating the need for a separate DataLogger to obtain temperature data. Unlike other telematics solutions that require temperature probes, the BlueBox Lite can be easily installed and directly connected to the refrigeration units’ controller.
  • It is an EN12830 compatible solution when paired with the optional TouchLog datalogger.
  • A 2-way command for SetPoint change enables remote control of the load temperature.

Improving cold chain efficiencies

“Connectivity is something not to be missed for companies looking to improve the efficiency of their cold chain operations,” said Mike McEnnis, Portfolio Leader Product Management.

“By introducing the BlueBox Lite telematics device for our V-Series, VX-Series and B-Series range, we want to make it easier for our customers to take advantage of the data and make their operations smarter. The BlueBox Lite is a plug-and-play, 4G solution that gives them a cost-efficient and easy way to receive real-time intelligence on the operation of their refrigerated vehicle.”