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StopLoss guidance on temperature-controlled cargo

TT Club release a good practice guide for operating, packing, unpacking or handling temperature controlled, reefer cargo transport units.

Technological advances in digitalisation, telematics and smartcontainers will help mitigate risk and reduce loss in the temperature controlled supply chain. But much still relies on human intervention and “the current loss profile could be significantly improved through deeper understanding of the common risks, improved communications and implementing robust checking processes throughout,” says insurer TT Club.

The Club has recently published a new edition of its TT Brief practical guidance document for those involved in the operation, packing, unpacking, inspection and handling of refrigerated cargo transport units. The Brief addresses the main issues that result in damage to cargo through the temperature controlled supply chain and highlights risk mitigation strategies and ‘red flags’

TT’s StopLoss guidance on temperature-controlled cargo also gives detailed insight into the primary areas of risk, with advice on loss mitigation and good practice for all stakeholders in the cold supply chain.

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