Kelly Hobson

Kelly Hobson is founder of UK based consultancy Shape Tomorrow, where she supports business leaders as a Sustainability Consultant. Kelly has over five years direct experience in sustainability and over ten years working in the international logistics industry. With a passion to create purpose driven business models, Kelly believes leaders are currently at a crossroads; mounting pressure to drive continuous growth and implement genuine positive impact is inadvertently creating a culture of confusion, frustration and misdirection.

Kelly’s qualifications include a certification in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University and last year she qualified as a Change Management Practitioner, which she explains is a necessary skill in helping business leaders navigate the complexities of embedding sustainability into their day-to-day decision making.

Within a genuine desire to make a difference, Kelly is an Ambassador for Transaid, a charity working in Africa to reduce the fatality rate of road related deaths and improved access to healthcare. Kelly is also a regular guest speaker at the University of Leeds and a member of both their Leaders in Residence and Nurturing Talent Programme.