Frans Waals

Expertise in container liner shipping, reefer shipping, shortsea container and ferry, breakbulk/heavy lift, ports and container terminals. Frans joined Dynamar in 2006, where he is the editor of the extensive DynaLiners portfolio of liner shipping information. As such, he closely follows all aspects of the industry, analysing and commenting the main, worldwide developments. Additionally, he regularly participates in consultancy projects on port and, shortsea and deep-sea, liner shipping. Moreover, he is the author of Dynamar’s successful series of Reefer Analysis reports (markets, conventional, containers). Frans is also regularly involved in the execution of liner shipping and related consultancy projects.

Prior to his career at Dynamar, Frans had joined different sections of Erasmus University, Rotterdam (EHB Consultancy, ERBS, M.E.L.) where he participated in various consulting sections and publication activities. The latter included a study on reefer techniques, from which ultimately the Quest system (reefer container control techniques) has emerged.