Alison Hall

Alison Hall has 20 years’ experience working in the port Industry, renowned for her passion for delivering unique and challenging supply chain solutions for a range of sectors in the UK. Prior to joining the Port of Dover in 2022, Alison worked for the Forth Ports Group where she ran a range of operational facilities at the Port of Tilbury, established new import/export markets in the UK, and delivered a range of visionary port developments including Tilbury2.

She’s a market Influencer who bring together key stakeholders globally to unlock new freight highways for our cities, fostering innovation, specialised consolidation hub solutions, port-centric and tri-modal solutions.

More recently as Head of Business Development, Alison has been instrumental in the diversification of the Port of Dover Cargo terminal, specialising in perishable solutions, bringing the port’s passion for net zero, digitalisation, to build the creation of a new perishable hub for UK and Europe.