Two new vessels added with delivery up to 2025 at Huanghai Shipyard located in Shandong Province, China

We are delighted to share with you that our renewal strategy is taking another step forward into the future. In addition to Seatrade Chile, Seatrade Peru, Seatrade Colombia and Seatrade Ecuador, vessel no.5 and vessel no. 6 have been declared at Huanghai Shipyard located in Shandong Province, China, with deliveries scheduled from 2023 to 2025. The latest vessels will be named Seatrade Panama and Seatrade Curacao, respectively.

These modern reefer container vessels have been designed to be highly efficient whilst promoting sustainability in the maritime space.

Each vessel is equipped with over 600 reefer plugs and geared with 40-ton cranes exemplifying our dedication to operational excellence and the streamlined handling of cargo.

These specialised vessels will be employed in current and newly developed trades and will form an integrated part of the FDD (Fast, Direct & Dedicated) concept developed by Seatrade in recent years.  

Transit times and associated indirect costs are increasing on services operated by larger container lines and there remains a clear demand for FDD services operated by specialised reefers, specialised containers vessels and hybrid vessels going forward.

Seatrade will continue to improve and customize the FDD
transportation and logistics solutions in niche trades that offer shorter delivery times, providing sustainable supply chain solutions and flexibility in seasonal trades to meet international standards and customers’ expectations. 

Seatrade is also seeking opportunities to increase its fleet with further acquisitions of new-buildings and/or modern secondhand tonnage, combined with possible strategic alliances with customer groups and/or third-party owners in the same segment.

We are excited about the prospects this extended newbuilding program brings to our operations and look forward to its positive impact on our business and the world around us.

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