Creating a more efficient way to transport cargoes in small quantities

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has claimed a world-first in #reefercontainer #technology with the manufacture and trials of a dual-temperature design including controlled atmosphere (CA) functions in collaboration with retailer Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation and freight forwarder NAX Japan.

While multi-temp technology has long been available in over-the-road #refrigeratedtransport trailers, this is heralded as the first foray into the maritime container world in combination with CA.

Trials will transport various types of perishable goods and fruits from Japan to overseas stores of ‘Don Quijote’, the largest Japanese discount chain operated by PPIH, which currently has 43 stores in six Asian countries across various brands.

The initiative has been launched “to enhance container loading efficiency by transporting smaller quantities of a more diverse range of perishable commodities in a single container”

“This approach not only aims to reduce overall transportation costs, but also maintains the freshness and quality of goods throughout the shipment,” said ONE. The carrier says that ONE, PPIH, and NAX Japan will continue trial shipments to “contribute to more stable exports of Japanese agricultural products and their global promotion.”

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