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Welcome to our February newsletter

At the time of writing, the news is of course dominated by the global challenge of procuring, transporting and storing Covid-19 vaccines: the biggest challenge ever faced by the international supply chain and logistics community. The global cold supply chain is under the spotlight like never before to ensure temperatures are maintained during transportation, storage and last mile delivery to vaccination centres.

In our newsletter headline spot this month we’re pleased to share a brand new Whitepaper from our Port Partner 2021, the Port of Rotterdam. Authored in collaboration with Wageningen University, this paper explores the future of the agrofood supply chain: this is a topic we’ve been tracking in the news for some time now, as agrofood technology has huge potential to create a more sustainable food and perishables supply chain.

Speaking of perishables, the impact of Brexit is starting to be felt by the fresh produce industry on both sides of the English Channel, and we share stories here that have caught our eye. In addition, Port of Sète has opened a tender application for its Fruit Terminal and we share detail on how you can apply. 

If there is anything you’d like us to include or cover, please get in touch directly with me at esther@nextlevelinfo.com

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Esther White
Director Marketing and Communications

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Feb Newsletter 2021

Challenge of global vaccine distribution

Safely and expeditiously supplying COVID-19 vaccines to the majority of the world’s adult population of more than five billion will be the most formidable logistics challenge ever tackled in peacetime. Are we ready?

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