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SeaCube Containers CEO on global shipping and the food supply chain

SeaCube Container's CEO Robert Sapphio talks ocean shipping and the impact of the Suez Canal blockage on the global food supply chain

Photo by Kinsey on Unsplash

Robert Sapphio, CEO of SeaCube Containers discusses ocean shipping and the repurcussions of the Suez Canal blockage on the global food supply chain with Food Logistics magazine. 

Source: Food Logistics

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Six agritech trends to watch

Interest in agritech is at an all-time high, accelerated by the pandemic

Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash

The pandemic has accelerated interest in agritech and its benefits, as there is now concern over global food security and threats to the global food system. 

Current trends to watch include strawberries, indoor growing and floating farms, and the potential of automation and vertical farming are already known.

Source: FPCFreshtalkDaily

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Hapag-Lloyd orders 150,000 TEU of standard and reefer containers

Hapag-Lloyd orders 150,000 TEU of standard and reefer containers, stepping up its investment in its container fleet

Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

Hapag-Lloyd has invested further in its container fleet with an order of 150,000 TEU of standard and reefer containers from China, as it needs more boxes to meet current demand. 

Hapag-Lloyd’s CEO has spoken of the unprecedented demand for containers globally, as the shortage continues to impact supply chains and shipping lines. 

Source: Hapag-Lloyd

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The Need for Innovation in the Middle East’s Food Supply Chain

Food security is a serious issue on a global scale, but especially so in countries that rely heavily on imports to feed the population.

Photo by Oziel Gomez on Unsplash

Food security is a global issue that needs coordinated action to tackle and calls for innovation in the food supply chain are becoming more urgent. 

If estimates of 10 billion to feed by 2050 with less arable land to farm and diminishing water supplies are correct, how will countries feed their populations?

In the GCC region which relies so heavily on food imports, food security is now a pressing issue.

To learn more about this issue, join us for our next online seminar Cool Logistics Middle East on 22 September 2021 by registering your interest here 

Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

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A Word from Our Port Partner 2021 – Port of Rotterdam

The world’s population is growing and the demand for food and the way we consume it is more diverse than ever.

Image of the Port of Rotterdam Logo

We want our food fresh and we want it now. Over the next few years, import and export of agrofood products are expected to grow annually by 3% and 5% respectively and that growth will obviously have a direct and indirect impact on the supply chain.

As Port of Rotterdam Authority we have developed a series of interviews in which we look at key trends in today’s agrofood sector and the supply chain with a number of experts – both in premium articles and in videos.

Would you like to know more about the latest trends and developments in food and logistics? 

Download the paper here

View our first publication video above – food trendwatcher and journalist Hans Steenbergen predicts which food trends will define our future.

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A Word from our Cool Logistics 2020 Platinum Sponsor MSC

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