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Cool News and Views – January 2023

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NEW for 2023: Cool Logistics Council

The Cool Logistics Council is a new international collective across the cold chain and reefer logistics world, convened by exclusive invitation of the Cool Logistics team. The aim of the Council is to to exchange views, knowledge and intelligence from the wider cold chain industry. We want to build relations that will help the future of integrated, efficient and sustainable reefer and cold chain logistics.  Interested in joining? Contact us on

Cool Logistics 2023 event programme

Don’t forget we have TWO events now in place for 2023:

CoolTech conference 2023  is our 2nd CoolTech event and will take place 21-22 June 2023 in Amsterdam. This is 2-day event focused on global reefer and cold chain technology.

Cool Logistics Global 2023 conference is our 15th Cool Logistics Global conference and will take place 10-12 October 2023 in Genoa. This is a 3-day conference focused on all aspects of the cold chain, the movement of perishable cargoes and the reefer shipping industry

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Cool Logistics Global is hosted by Genoa

Lineage Logistics raises $700 million to fund further investments

$700m in equity from new and existing strategic partners

Photo by Marcin Joswiak on Unsplash

Over $700m raised in equity from new and existing strategic partners. Plans include global investments in solar capacity with a plan to increase on-site solar installations 

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