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More expensive grapes, avocados and scampi due to conflict in the Red Sea

European consumers will have to pay more for fresh food from Asia. Conversely, our fruit growers are in danger of paying the bill for late deliveries to China.

Perspectives on the impact of the Red Sea crisis for shippers of fruit, fish and seafood with thanks to Steve Alaerts foodcareplus

Source: De Tijd


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Mercitalia repositions empty reefers from Taranto

A partnership with Yilport Holding Inc to provide a repositioning service for empty 40ft high-cube reefer containers creating a "cold village"

Mercitalia Rail, the freight wing of Italian national rail operator FS Group, and international terminal operating group YILPORT Holding Inc., have teamed up to provide a repositioning service for empty 40ft high-cube reefer containers from Taranto Port to Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci S.p.A. (ITAV).

Located 5km from the Port of Livorno, ITAV is a growing multimodal freight logistics hub with road, rail, ocean and air connectivity and significant plans for growth in cold chain operations.

In a presentation to #coolglobal23, held in Genoa last October, Raffaello Cioni discussed ITAV’s Cold Village initiative as part of the Livorno Cold Chain, a partnership among various port and logistic operators to deliver a holistic solution for fresh and frozen produce.

The ITAV Cold Village handled 2,400 reefer units and 62,800 pallets in 2022, with banana, citrus, pineapples and pears as the main cargoes. Future plans call for significant capacity expansion.

Source: WorldCargo News
Additional reporting: Rachael White

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