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Tower announces the ‘Evolution’ of the pharmaceutical cold chain

Enabling pharmaceutical shipments for products that need to be kept between -60°C to +20°C with an industry-standard runtime of 120 hours without the need of electricity during transit.

The latest innovation from Tower Cold Chain, a pioneer in passive temperature-controlled containers, offers pharmaceutical manufacturers, airlines and 3PL providers a single solution compatible with U.S. and E.U. pallets – with an ultra-lightweight design.

The Evolution 1600 Tower Universal Pallet, unveiled at CPHI Barcelona 2023, is perfectly adapted to universal shipping needs, meeting industry standards for a truly pan-global container. As such, it gives the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets unparalleled levels of efficiency and versatility in their cold chain operations.

Enabling pharmaceutical shipments for products that need to be kept between -60°C to +20°C with an industry-standard runtime of 120 hours without the need of electricity or manual intervention during transit, Tower has used its extensive experience of cold chain container design to find the optimum balance between size, weight and volumetric efficiency.

“The Evolution 1600 Tower Universal Pallet has been developed in response to the challenges faced in transporting large volumes of pharmaceuticals and life science products around the world.  We were inspired to innovate an efficient solution that was not hindered by size, weight, plate or pallet configurations,” says Martin Hawes, Global Head of Product Development at Tower Cold Chain.

“The Evolution 1600 sets new standards for the cold chain industry, offering the same robust, reliable and reusable benefits, but with added flexibility, weight efficiency and space utilisation.”

Each Evolution 1600 is a quarter of the size of a PMC pallet, allowing four containers to be transported per pallet. By analysing data from hundreds of thousands of journeys, Tower has reduced the amount of phase-change materials required to maintain a consistent internal temperature – resulting in significant weight savings and more space for product to be packed.

User convenience is assured throughout. Removable plates enable flexible and sustainable conditioning, with the option to add dry ice for ultra-cold shipments. The Evolution 1600 is designed with double-door access for improved accessibility and safety during loading and unloading.

Customers continue to get the benefits associated with Tower products: a robust design for product protection, reliable temperature control of up to 120 hours, and a reusable system that means the Evolution 1600 can be shipped around the world, hundreds of times – for a substantially reduced carbon footprint versus single-use and heavier alternatives.

With built in data logging technology to provide real-time updates of internal temperature monitoring, the Evolution 1600 is part of Tower’s digital transformation journey to enhance and streamline customer’s access to data visualisation, analysis, and shipping details.

The introduction of the Evolution 1600 coincides with Tower’s international global hub network expansion, bolstering customers’ availability of its robust, reliable, and reusable cold storage solutions. With its latest facilities opening in Switzerland, Italy, and Ireland as well as the launch of its American Centre of Excellence, Tower remains committed to advancing the standard for cold chain logistics on a global scale.

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Kuehne+Nagel’s Healthcare Air Logistics network receives IATA CEIV Pharma Re-Certification

Reassuring customers that temperature-sensitive healthcare products will be transported to the highest standards.

Kuehne+Nagel recently completed its third consecutive IATA CEIV Pharma certification of its entire air logistics healthcare network. This important milestone also positions Kuehne+Nagel as the first logistics company to achieve over 100 CEIV Pharma-certified stations.

IATA created CEIV Pharma alongside aviation industry stakeholders and regulators to address the industry’s need for safer, secured, compliant and efficient pharmaceutical product handling in the air cargo supply chain. The re-certification reinforces Kuehne+Nagel’s commitment to quality and its ability to meet the highest compliance and regulatory requirements via the world’s largest CEIV Pharma-certified network currently covering 66 countries across all seven continents.

Harsha Ranasinghe, SVP Global Head of Air Logistics Products & Services at Kuehne+Nagel comments: “In 2017, Kuehne+Nagel became the first to attain CEIV Pharma certification for its healthcare air network. Since then, we continue to collaborate with IATA to drive superior quality and compliance by setting new standards for pharmaceutical handling excellence within air freight.”

Kuehne+Nagel’s dedicated healthcare solutions for Air Logistics are part of the company’s global healthcare portfolio including multimodal transport options and contract logistics. Earlier this year, Kuehne+Nagel announced its Roadmap 2026, of which healthcare is a key growth area.

“Kuehne+Nagel achieving CEIV Pharma certification for its HealthChain certified healthcare Air Logistics network is a significant milestone. It not only gives its customers assurance that their time and temperature-sensitive healthcare products will be transported to the highest standards, but also elevates global supply chain standards. As the pharmaceutical sector expands, both IATA and Kuehne+Nagel are committed to meeting the industry’s need for safety, security and efficiency in the transportation of pharmaceutical products,” said Brendan Sullivan, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo.

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Sovereign Speed enters cool sector

Diversifies into the temperature-controlled transport sector with the acquisition of a Cool Liner trailer from Krone.

Sovereign Speed, the independent and neutral logistics provider, who operates an express scheduled ground network exclusively for transport and logistics companies, has diversified into the temperature-controlled transport sector with the acquisition of a high specification multi-temp’ Cool Liner trailer from Krone.

Formed in 1998 and headquartered in Hamburg Germany, Sovereign Speed is renowned as a ‘high-speed’ freight mover and operates from 7 countries with over 100 overnight connections throughout the UK & Europe, using a range of express handling services for general and time-sensitive freight.

The Cool Liner is equipped to carry most perishable goods, and says Sovereign, is suitable for pharmaceutical products. Accordingly, the high volume ‘Mega’ fridge trailer comes with twin evaporators and Krone’s KSC Pro-plus telematics system.

“Real time monitoring and precise temperature control is vital for the correct handling of all temperature sensitive products, especially pharmaceuticals – a sector which we are now able to serve,” says Ellis Blackham, Business Development Manager. “With Krone’s telematics, we have remote real-time information regarding the load temperature, at every stage of the journey.”

Plus, Ellis explains, the telematics system monitors and records general data such as door openings, brake status, fridge fuel level and coupling status – which enables immediate corrective action if needed. 

“This sophisticated level of performance control allows us to guarantee efficient load protection for customers throughout the cold chain.”

With an internal clearance of 2.8m and designed for ferry operation, the Cool Liner has a 980 mm fifth wheel height, for 4m EU operation and couples to tractors with a 1150mm ride height for the UK. A two-tonne capacity, retractable tail lift is also fitted.

“This flexibility means we can service routes anywhere in the UK, Ireland and Europe,” says Ellis. “We now run a dedicated Ireland service and operate within T2 transit procedures (whereby goods maintain EU customs status) and where needed, can connect from key airports with 16 Sovereign Speed stations in Europe, including Ireland and the Nordic states.”

Sustainability is also a key consideration for Sovereign Speed, and the ‘environmentally aware’ manufacturing processes employed by Krone, fit well with the company’s own carbon-neutral strategy.

“We pursue an ongoing sustainability programme,” explains Ellis. ‘Our Way to Zero’ is a long-term corporate strategy aimed at achieving zero emissions logistics and we are conscious of the contribution that manufacturer suppliers can make. In this regard, we have always been impressed by Krone’s use of energy-efficient manufacturing and sustainable technology.”

A nod in this direction adds Ellis, is the option to retrofit a roof-mounted solar power system for keeping the batteries charged when the trailer is disconnected from the tractor.  

“This is our first venture into the temperature-controlled sector,” says Ellis Blackham, “but we also use a number of other Krone trailers for ambient work.  Their team is expert when it comes to recommending the right equipment for the job and in our view, their trailer technology is second to none.”

Sovereign Speed UK is based in Slough, UK. The Sovereign Group operates 500 vehicle units, employs 850 people and uses approximately 50,000 sqm of handling and storage space. The company also provides air cargo handling, airport terminal logistics with mobile acceptance X-Ray checks and customs clearance.

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