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Daikin collaborates to convert flower shipments from air to sea

Cutting floriculture industry transportation costs and carbon footprint

Daikin Reefer is collaborating with key industry stakeholders to convert cut flower shipments from air to sea that will ultimately allow the floriculture industry to lower its transportation costs and reduce its carbon footprint. Daikin Reefer is a leading supplier of refrigeration and climate control solutions for freight containers. Headquartered in Japan, Daikin Reefer is a business unit of the refrigeration division of global refrigeration, air conditioning and climate control provider Daikin Industries, Ltd.

The global cut flower market had an estimated value of USD36.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow further*. Flowers are highly perishable and need specific post-harvesting treatment and proper handling before they are even ready for temperature-controlled transportation.

Nearly all cut flowers are transported by costly air freight due to their extreme time-sensitivity and are nearly always bound for distant export markets. Air freight has traditionally been seen as the only way to reduce the farm-to-market time: one of the biggest challenges for exporters is maintaining the vase life of flowers from the moment they are picked right through to their arrival at destination, and cut flowers need to be transported under precise atmospheric conditions to maintain optimum condition and value.

In recent years cut flower exporters have found it increasingly difficult to secure freight capacity and have also endured extremely high freight rates, resulting in the need to identify alternative logistical and transportation solutions.

A number of successful cut flower shipment trials using Daikin Active CA (controlled atmosphere) have been undertaken in collaboration with industry stakeholders, including cut flower exporters and shipping lines.

As a result of the successful trials, live commercial shipments by sea have now taken place, thereby converting shipment from air to sea and proving the efficacy of Daikin Active CA. These live commercial shipments include Kenyan roses to Europe, and chrysanthemums and carnations from South East Asia to Japan and Colombia to Asia.

Cargo outturn for these shipments was excellent, due to the unique technological advantages that Daikin Active CA offers exporters and shippers of cut flowers.

Firstly, Daikin Active CA has customised control logic that continually monitors and fine-tunes both temperature and atmospheric composition inside the container. A rich nitrogen gas with humidity is charged into the container, reducing the respiration of the cargo by reducing oxygen content, which means both O2 and CO2 levels can be controlled and humidity is conserved.

Secondly, unlike other CA offerings in the market, Daikin Active CA does not use membrane technology to inject dry nitrogen into the container, which is largely considered unfavourable for horticultural perishable produce, particularly cut flowers.

“The remarkable performance of Daikin’s Controlled Atmosphere technology has significantly revolutionised the logistics landscape for shipments of our perishable cut flower chrysanthemums to Japan. Daikin has not only unlocked a more efficient and cost-effective mode of transporting fresh cut flowers, but has also mitigated the challenges posed by vessel delays. We are able to safely declare sea logistics with Daikin Controlled Atmosphere as an alternative to air logistics. Daikin has improved the efficiency of sea logistics and further, positively impacted the global supply chain. This exceptional performance is a game-changer in sea logistics for us” commented Katrine Yam, Business Development Director for Daido Hana Sdn Bhd.

“As a logistics provider serving floriculture exporters, we are confident that our customers’ produce will get to market in prime condition with Daikin Active CA, thanks to its quality, reliability and unique ability to maintain the freshness of cut flowers even on longer sea shipments” said Mr. Takashi Adachi, General Manager of Nippon Express

“Daikin Active CA has proven its success in both trial and live shipments of cut flowers and now sets the standard that both we and our customers would expect for sea shipments of their valuable produce” said Yu Kurimoto, Managing Director of Ocean Network Express (ONE).

“Combining Daikin’s technology with ONE’s expertise in ocean transport and young reefer fleet, we can offer best-in-class service to our customers to deliver their cargo to the market in optimal condition.”

“We are confident that Daikin Active CA is now the preferred choice for exporters and shippers of cut flowers” commented Mr. Ah Huat Goh, General Manager, Global Marketing & Service, Reefer Department at Daikin Reefer. “We are leading the way in providing technologically advanced, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable transportation solutions for cut flowers, reducing the previous dependency on air freight alone for their export”.

*source Markets and Markets

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Photo by Lysander Yuen on Unsplash

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Lineage Global Hiring Day event to fill 1,000 roles

Attendees can learn more about careers in the cold chain.

Lineage Logistics, a global leader in the temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry, has announced it will host its first Global Hiring Day event on September 20th. The event will take place across several regions, including the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Asia-Pacific.

During the event, attendees can learn more about careers in the cold chain and Lineage’s role in helping to feed the world. Candidates can also speak to recruiters about part-time and full-time positions available. On-site interviews will be conducted at approximately 50 U.S. warehouse locations, with immediate job offers extended for specific roles. Two Canadian sites and one U.K. site will also hold hiring day events.

Available positions encompass a range of roles across warehousing and logistics operations, including those with experience in case picking, forklift operations, building maintenance, material handling equipment mechanics and refrigeration technology. Select warehouse leadership roles will also be available.

Additionally, Lineage has openings for corporate roles based in its Michigan headquarters and in the Asia-Pacific region. Corporate positions span a range of functions, including roles in finance and accounting, project management, information technology, legal, safety and compliance, sales, human resources, and engineering. An open house will be held at the Novi, Mich. global headquarters where candidates can meet the corporate recruiting team on Global Hiring Day.

To register and learn more about Global Hiring Day events, visit:

“Our Global Hiring Day event is an opportunity to join a world-class team at Lineage and make a real impact as we shepherd one of our most precious resources – food – on its journey from farm to fork,” said Kelly Burlage, Vice President of Talent Acquistion at Lineage. “Our purpose is to transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world, and delivering on this mission begins with our people.”

Lineage has been frequently recognized as a best-in-class employer: the Company was twice named a Best Managed Company by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, named a 2023 Best Place to Work in Southeast Michigan by Crain’s Detroit Business, and named a 2022 Top Workplace by Detroit Free Press. Working at Lineage ensures competitive wages, top-notch benefits, an inclusive work culture, values-based leadership, flexible shifts, and a promising career with a growing company.

This event builds on a successful 2022 Hiring Day, which was held across numerous U.S. sites last year. Approximately 1,000 prospective employees attended, and Lineage extended offers to nearly one-third of the participants.

Additional information about careers at Lineage can be found at lineagelogistics.com/careers.

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Seatrade fleet expansion

Two new vessels added with delivery up to 2025 at Huanghai Shipyard located in Shandong Province, China

We are delighted to share with you that our renewal strategy is taking another step forward into the future. In addition to Seatrade Chile, Seatrade Peru, Seatrade Colombia and Seatrade Ecuador, vessel no.5 and vessel no. 6 have been declared at Huanghai Shipyard located in Shandong Province, China, with deliveries scheduled from 2023 to 2025. The latest vessels will be named Seatrade Panama and Seatrade Curacao, respectively.

These modern reefer container vessels have been designed to be highly efficient whilst promoting sustainability in the maritime space.

Each vessel is equipped with over 600 reefer plugs and geared with 40-ton cranes exemplifying our dedication to operational excellence and the streamlined handling of cargo.

These specialised vessels will be employed in current and newly developed trades and will form an integrated part of the FDD (Fast, Direct & Dedicated) concept developed by Seatrade in recent years.  

Transit times and associated indirect costs are increasing on services operated by larger container lines and there remains a clear demand for FDD services operated by specialised reefers, specialised containers vessels and hybrid vessels going forward.

Seatrade will continue to improve and customize the FDD
transportation and logistics solutions in niche trades that offer shorter delivery times, providing sustainable supply chain solutions and flexibility in seasonal trades to meet international standards and customers’ expectations. 

Seatrade is also seeking opportunities to increase its fleet with further acquisitions of new-buildings and/or modern secondhand tonnage, combined with possible strategic alliances with customer groups and/or third-party owners in the same segment.

We are excited about the prospects this extended newbuilding program brings to our operations and look forward to its positive impact on our business and the world around us.

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ASOEX Cherry Committee officially launches the 2023-2024 cherry season

Promotion campaigns will intensify in China and there will be greater investment

With the presence of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Chile, Niu Qingbao and the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, the ASOEX Cherry Committee officially launched the 2023-2024 cherry season, in its traditional “Cherry Blossom” ceremony.

The opening ceremony was held at Agrícola Ponderosa in Requínoa, with the presence of the national director of SAG, José Guajardo; Antonio Walker, president of the SNA; Jorge Valenzuela, president of Fedefruta, as well as the parliamentarians of the area, Marcela Riquelme and Natalia Romero. In addition to the mayor of Romeral, Carlos Vergara, as well as union and union representatives, national and regional authorities from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), ProChile, and producers and exporters of cherries; among others.

“Chilean cherries are the perfect product and also a perfect example of the friendship between China and Chile. The export of Chilean cherries has been possible – in large part – thanks to our free trade agreement, since Chilean exporters send close to 90% of the cherries go to China, which has brought great benefits for producers and exporters, and on the other hand, it also enriches the perspective of people, consumers, especially at the time of the Chinese New Year. It is the perfect gift for the family and friends, especially, because of its dark red color, as well as its sweet flavor, it means good luck in our culture and symbolizes a good life for the new year. This is why Chinese consumers love the Chilean cherry,” highlighted the Chinese ambassador.

He added: “This is my third year attending the cherry blossom event and I am deeply impressed by the hospitality of the cherry industry in Chile and I believe that the future of export between both countries will be even better, because we have seen a recovery robust in the country (China) and in its economy, so we will have more consumers and we hope to double the size of consumers by 2035.”

“I am very impressed by the efforts that Chilean producers have made to understand the culture and habits of China, which is reflected in the packages and their aesthetics, which makes consumers very happy. This reinforces our friendship” Ambassador Niu Qingbao added.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, highlighted: “This event is very significant since our cherry industry is a leader in the world. We are capable of providing a high-quality product in terms of sweetness and flavor to the country. that buys the most from us, which is China and all of Asia. Markets that, happily, with the work of the national industry and also ProChile have been diversifying. It is a quality product, well delivered, which makes Chilean cherries extraordinary. You can come frost, pests but the industry is strong, modern and also generates a value chain and permanent jobs in regions like O’Higgins and Maule. Therefore, it is a day of great celebration. We are the main exporters in the world in cherries and among O’Higgins and Maule are the territories that lead in this fruit.”

Meanwhile, Iván Marambio, president of ASOEX commented: “This year we will have the challenge of a later Chinese New Year, as it will be on February 10 – last year it was on January 22, which requires greater preparation in logistics and production management. But we are very optimistic about this new season. In fact, the last two weeks ago we were in China, visiting cities where we will have a greater focus on promotion, and where we could feel the Chinese consumer’s expectation for our cherries, which is very big, since there is a very strong relationship between the Chinese New Year, the Chinese consumer and the consumption of our cherries.

Regarding export volumes for this new season, the ASOEX leader pointed out: “The estimate of cherry exports for this new season is 90 to 100 million boxes, last year we shipped around 83 million boxes, for Therefore, it would be a record year. Although we are still evaluating to provide a more complete estimate, especially after the rains. Despite this, we are going to have a significant volume. We are going to improve quality, and ultimately the Chinese consumer, our main market, is going to have an even better product than the one it has already had,” observed Iván Marambio.

Study and growth

For her part, Claudia Soler, executive director of the Cherry Committee, observed: “Cherries have grown an annual average of 29% in the last 7 years. The cherry is the queen of fruits, currently, because it has done very well in terms of growth in the different markets. We will continue to grow based on the area that is already planted and that has not yet entered into production.”

The professional highlighted that as the Cherry Committee they carried out a study of growth expectations in volume and export in the future, “and if the conditions are adequate, during the production process we should have significant growth, during the next four years due to the plantations that They are already there and are in formation. For this season our initial projection was 100 million boxes, we are waiting to see what happens in this flowering period and depending on whether the weather is with us, there may be fluctuations in these projections. A “end of September, beginning of October we should have a more accurate estimate of how the season is going, but, currently, we expect growth from what is already planted.”

Cherries Promotion

Regarding the actions to promote cherries for this 2023-2024 season, Iván Marambio indicated: “We have three new challenges for this campaign. First we are creating a medium-term campaign, we are thinking about the next three years. Secondly We want demand to go ahead of supply, that is, promotion has to ensure that there is more and more demand, and thirdly, to achieve all this what we are doing is regionalization. We are going to 24 cities in China, “with a focus on four new central cities that have ample growth potential. In short, what we are doing is incorporating new cities to expand the market and increase consumption.”

Complementing the above, Claudia Soler pointed out: “Another relevant aspect to accompany the growth of our exports is that we are growing in the resources that we are investing in promotion. The main focus of the Cherry Committee is promotion in international markets. We need to go deeper in the markets that already know us such as China and the US and diversify markets to accompany this growth. This season we hope to increase promotional resources by 13% and we are convinced that it is the way for new consumers to join the category and that consumers who already know us increase their frequency and the size of their basket.

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