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Hordes of reefer containers on the move by rail again

Since the 1st of April refrigerated transport to China has resumed. It was put on hold over concerns about the transmission of the coronavirus via containers. Chinese rail companies are now fully back on track with the cold chain, to the delight of the European industry.

Photo by DroneflyerNick on Unsplash

In the first three months of 2021, the Chinese government suddenly put a hold on the transport of reefers by rail, largely due to their concerns that COVID-19 could live longer in a cold environment. But now reefers on rail are back transporting a range of goods that require temperature-controlled conditions, including vital pharmaceuticals and frozen food as well as flowers and more. 

The team at RailFreight.com interviewed New Silk Way Logistics to discuss reefer trade by rail between China and Europe.

Source: RailFreight.com

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