15th Cool Logistics Global conference announced!

The 15th Cool Logistics Global conference will take place 10-12 October 2023 at The Stock Exchange in Genoa and is hosted by Genoa.

The Cool Logistics team is excited and honoured to be working with Ports of Genoa, RAM SpA, CISCo, BIC and the Chamber of Commerce to deliver Cool Logistics Global which takes place as part of the 2023 Genoa Shipping Week, a key event in the maritime industry calendar.

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We will bring the global cold chain community back together in the Ports of Genoa – Italy’s pre-eminent ports in terms of traffic volumes, product diversity and economic output. Ports of Genoa rank as the leading Mediterranean gateway port for containerised cargo.

Why Genoa?

The Ports of Genoa are established as a leading European reefer hub for the transit of refrigerated containers from across the world.  Full-container and multipurpose terminals offer extensive dedicated facilities equipped with reefer plugs to handle reefer containers for maximum freshness, serving Italy, Southern Europe and beyond.

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 We are also interested in speakers and sponsors -please use the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest as a speaker. Join the perishables, cold chain logistics, refrigerated transport and shipping community as we meet in one of the most important perishable hubs in Europe.

Why Cool Logistics Global events?

Cool Logistics Global provides a platform to openly discuss and debate all-things cold chain, from production to consumption. We all share a passion for perishable logistics and want to promote end-to-end excellence for the global cold supply chain. We pride ourselves on healthy debate, useful discussion and industry insight.

First-class, fun and friendly networking

Cool Logistics Global conferences are well-known for their first-class networking events: from roof-top canapes to exclusive port tours, regional food events with live music and wine-tasting evenings  – we provide the perfect conditions for you to meet and greet colleagues and new business connections!


Our theme this year draws from the commitments our nations have made at COP summits towards net zero carbonisation and efficiency savings . So at this event we will be examining and unscrambling what this all means for cool logistics chains now in terms of planning as well as implications for each of the elements in the chain from grower to the” last mile”. We are delighted that this year’s event is placed alongside our partners in Genoa Shipping Week and this brings mutual benefits for us all. To add to that our event includes specific focus on the Mediterranean trading base as well as where the cool chain impacts now and in the future in Italy.

We are delighted to introduce an inspiring range of speakers representing in one venue a unique opportunity to share their ideas and plans for now and in the future which we are sure will inspire delegates .

Taking advantage of our location and presence within Genoa this year gives us an opportunity to have on our third day a geographic and trading focus on Mediterranean cool logistics sector and operations within and without Italy.

Finally this is our 15th Cool Logistics event and we are aiming for this to be our biggest event yet and to meet, challenge and inspire the global cool community


Strategic direction for the cold chain , where are we now and where will it be in 10 years time , well within the lifetime of today’s  physical assets but overtaken by data/AI likely developments such as GPT and stream processes. How should we in the cold chain respond to the challenges.

Strategy: Overall outlook for the development of cool logistics , forecasts and strategic thoughts towards 2030 

Strategy: Trade lane growth and development on the major routes and highlighting winners and possible areas of struggle over the next 7 years    

There are challenges ahead for the cold chain in terms of compliance by sea and air as well as land in terms of legislation planned and “likely” such as fuels, data and refrigerants  

Innovation chains are getting shorter and the cold chain is gaining more attention from innovators and influencers. On the journey will they play an increasing part in the travel to 2030 and beyond.

Reefer cargo however moved, has always in the past been
prone to claims, what might a claim free future look like and how might we get there 

How will conditions of carriage for temperature controlled cargo evolve into the future in terms of management of liability

Financing the future – how will the future be financed given that technology and net zero challenge the “known” cyclical nature of shipping

Technical developments for us all to think about -ideas now but maybe a fact by 2030 – such as AI managed assets, containers “on demand” , magnetic refrigeration

Role of R&D in current and future cold chain developments – presenting studies from global markets  

Steering the future from 2023 how can R&D developments reach out in a resistant market and achieve trials , review and implementation   

The future global cold chain out look for chilled fruits and vegetables  

The future global cold chain outlook for frozen fish and meats

The future global cold chain outlook for pharma and high value cargo by air sea and land.

Building the cold chain of the future – what are the building blocks and deliverables for the net Zero targets


Focus on one of the world’s oldest trading areas  – the Mediterranean – looking at cool logistics within and without the Mediterranean.  Looking at ports and terminals that although based here have a global focus. How intra-Mediterranean chilled and frozen cargo flows are developing now and into the future.

Business forecasts and outlook for Mediterranean cold chain develop taking on board goals for environmental and sustainable development

Grower and shipper innovation in supplying Mediterranean markets and meeting targets for import and export development whilst meeting the net Zero challenge

Asset infrastructure developments in the Mediterranean ports and terminals and multimodal distribution within and without the ports connections  

Intra med connectivity for coldchains between East Medterranean, North Africa and  and the major EU based markets . Development of cold chain flows from Mediterranean to UK and North Europe by road and rail

Big data:  growth of data recognition by shippers and carriers . Increasingly we see growing awareness of the potential for efficient cargo carriage – how will carriers react to that as it is forecast to increase over the next 10 years

Big data: Shippers realise that smart reefers provide them with reliable opportunities – pharmaceuticals especially . How can latest asset deployments be managed between incoming and older equipment .   

Innovations in the use of power I a number of elements in the cold chain to reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and improve the efficient manage of the resource

Food waste is one of mankind’s greatest sins time to look at what can and is be done now and in the near future to move further and faster to reduce this at all steps in the chain.  

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